SCNC UK Group Picture Nottingham 2018











Acting President Dr. Sako joined SCNC-UK in a walk protest  London

SCNC-UK Executives at SCNC-UK meeting Wolverhampton June 2019



Comrade Magdeline Ngemu giving out flyers during one of SCNC’s demonstrations in London

Scnc uk Chairman Mr. Robert Tamanji with Scnc Comrades Julius and Joe at the CommonWealth Secretariat during demonstration on 01/10/2019

Comrade Julius during Scnc uk Road blockade at Downing Street on 01/10/2019

October 1st 2019. Leading the demonstration to the commonwealth secretariat from left right
Comrades Tamanji, Sheaba and Lovert waa Nya

SCNC-UK Chairman and some comrades handing in a petition to the prime minister’s office on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the independence of southern Cameroons

SCNC-UK members at a protest in London

The outgoing SCNC-UK chairman Shebu Londo together with present chairman Mr Tamanji and Mr Julius during the welcoming ceremony of HE Siseku Ayuk Tabe


Comrade Julius Dingkaa with fellow SCNC-UK activists on 28/07/2019 demonstrating at Downing Street London

Comrade Julius Dingkaa with fellow SCNC-UK activists on 28/07/2019 demonstrating at Downing Street London

Amba ladies took the front stage during the SCNC-UK demo at No 10 Downing street, London

Comrades Achille and Sirri protesting against the injustices meted on southern cameroonians by French CameroUn

Leaders of various organisations joined the SCNC-UK world convention

SCNC-UK World Convention held in London 2019

SCNC-UK Chapter at the book launch of Comrade Mark Bareta


























Meeting in Wolverhampton

Comrade Achilles, winifred, Daniel, Electa and many others stood their grounds in the protest

Opening speech by Chairman Tamanji at meeting in Wolverhampton. 2019

SCNC UK activists on the commonwealth day grounded the car of the representative of la republic du cameroun, in protest of human rights violations in Southern Cameroons

At SCNC UK demonstration of 03rd of August 2019



Comrade Vitalis with members of scnc UK chapter, meeting of June 2018 in Nottingham

Mr Vitalis demonstrating on the 1st of October

SCNC UK assistant technical adviser comrade Ekane Kingsley Ewane With comrade Mark BARETA at his book launch organised by the SCNC UK- London alongside Comrades Mark and Eyong

With sec Chris Anu at the SCNC organised fundraising for IDPS and refugees London-UK

Comrade Ekane Kingsley Ewane With Hon joseph Wirba the revolutionary godfather at his book launch London-UK

Southern cameroonians got their story to tell.
From left to right, Comrades Ewane, Mark and Eyong

Comrade Royce Buh Meh-Kah demonstrating at the Cameroon High Commission, London

SCNCUK ACTIVISTS stand together for “The argument of force”

Comrade Royce buh meh-kah at the commonwealth secretariat asking for the immediate intervention in southern Cameroons

Our women took upon themselves to lead the demonstration on Oct 1st. Comrade Delphine pictured here sent out a strong message about human rights abuses commited in southern Cameroons

Camrade Epie Brian SCNC members at the French Embassy uk for demonstration

Comrade Epie Brian Nzalle at the SCNC meeting of 08/12/18 in london UK.

Our southern Cameroonian women taking the lead. Comrade Woubyonha Jeanette Koti standing firm for southern Cameroons

Comrade Williams Fonyu Nfon, protesting against the illegal arrest and illegal deportation of the entire cabinet of the leaders of the southern Cameroonians

Fist of the amba lady. Comrade Tonga Mriranda in a sit in demonstration at the commonwealth secretariat

Comrade Tonga Mriranda celebrating 1st of October 2018 at 10 Downing street

Our flag, our identity

Comrade Ekule Tambe with SCNC chairman Tamanji Robert for the 1st of October demonstration at No 10 Downing street

Far left Julius Foncham Dingkaa and Comrade Lutherking Ngolle next and fellow SCNC Members during demonstration in Central London heading 10 downing street to drop petition on 1st october 2018

Julius Foncham Dingkaa and Fellow SCNC Members Demonstrating at Downing street on 1st october 2017 , during the restoration of the independence Southern Cameroons

Eveline Mafor Anumboh, Demonstrating opposite 10 Downing Street on 01/10/18

Eveline Mafor Anumboh and SCNC UK Chairman at the demonstration of 03/08/18 at Parliament Square.

Vincent Kushine, Presenting a petition at 10 Downing Street on behalf of SCNC Uk.

SCNC-UK Chairperson with other comrades at No 10 Downing Street

Comrade N. Desmond at the demonstration with other activists at No 10 Downing Street

Comrades Pauline, Erika, Dieudonne and Rose during the ‘No to Hypocrisy by the commonwealth’ demonstration.

Comrades came from far and near on October 1st to call on the British government for an urgent intervention in Southern Cameroons

Senior comrade Paulette M. (Mama Ambazonia) with comrade Evaristus showcasing our national colors on October 1st

Comrade Romarice T. with other activists at No. 10 Downing street on October 1st

Demonstrating on the commonwealth day

Our people are more than determined to regain their freedom. Their actions in the diaspora making headline news in french cameroon

Operation sit down strike

Comrade Winifred N. demonstrating at the commonwealth secretariat amongst others

These comrades stood strong at the commonwealth office requesting to speak to the commonwealth secretary on human rights abuses in the southern cameroons

Against all odds SCNC UK activists came out in their numbers for the demonstration on the commonwealth day

ASC spokesperson with fellow comrades at No 10 Downing street to deliver a petition to the British PM

President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe J. with freedom fighter Ateh Baldorf SCNC-UK

Comrade Ateh Baldorf Anyu Showcasing the colours of Southern Cameroons

Comrade Winifred in a sit in strike at the foreign and commonwealth office

Comrade Winifred N. at the SCNC fund raising event in Wolverhampton

Comrades Achille and Epie at the demonstration at the commonwealth secretariat






Comrade Electta Shalo holding high the Southern Cameroons flag


SCNC meeting in Manchester

With Secretary Chris Anu

At Buckingham palace for a peaceful demonstration

Comrades Njamgo Rogers and Oyebog Charlotte at a Demonstration Buckingham Palace

Meeting with Lyn Brown MP former home office shadow minister