1st October 2020 Demonstration

        Greetings comrades   Hope we all are doing well.Just to inform everyone that due the ongoing pandemic;covic19 our usual 1st of October demonstrations and celebrations of our independence Day Anniversary will no longer take place this year compounded by the new government guidelines. We have spoken to the Police for permission…

Dr Rev. Success Nkongho Betrayal: Not The First Of It’s Kind

Pa. Ngala Nfor Nfor writes.



Dr Rev. Success Nkongho Betrayal: Not The First Of It’s Kind.


  1. The struggle for the restoration of the sovereign statehood of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) has been a victim of betrayal before. Each time, like a sportsman taking a bend with zeal to double his speed on the straight lane, this act of betrayal comes up to slow down. Indeed, betrayal is like a hurdle or a pit into which the struggle falls. But each time it bounces back to the embarassment of the traitor and the mentor, la Republique du Cameroun.
    It all started early. The first frontline actor was Rev. Ayuk. He created real sensation at AAC1 in Buea, 1993 which was highly applauded.
    Firstly, he brought in a Choir which sang and entertained the huge audience.
    Secondly, his prayer was like the long awaited sweet palm wine for a thirsty audience.
    But this “man of God” who moved the hungry for freedom and sovereign statehood into tears with his prayers came to be used by the very enemy he prayed God to punish and free the subjugated people. His efforts slowed down in that the spirit generated and the momentum ignited by AAC 11 Bamenda Proclamation in 1994, the Nine Man Delegation to the UN in 1995, and the nation wide signature referendum of 1995, which overwhelmingly favoured peaceful separation and restoration of Southern Cameroons sovereignty were not implemented as expected.
    This notwithstanding, what Rev Ayuk the traitor gained was a post in the Prime Minister’s office. Though the struggle slowed down and there was malfunctioning, treachery never killed the struggle as intended by agents of the dark world.
    The second act of betrayal came when a pro-action oriented leadership was in the saddle as from 2000.
    End of the second millennium witnessed the declaration of the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independent Statehood over Radio Buea by Justice Frederick A. Ebong (late) and the holding of Constituent Assembly in Bamenda in April 2000 at which State symbols, state system and structure were debated and approved. Though Ebong and eight others were in Kondengui Prison, a plan of action was adopted to carry out national mobilisation and aggressive diplomatic offensive for actualisation of the restoration of Southern Cameroons sovereignty.
    On October 1st, 2001 the celebration of Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia) Independence took place all over the national territory for the first time and the tree of liberty was watered by the blood of the martyrs killed by la Republique du Cameroun occupation forces.
    The Yaounde annexation regime mindful of the pace we were moving had to change tactics to counter. The legal victory over Nigeria in the Abuja Federal High Court in 2002 recognized the distinct identity of Southern Cameroons and it’s inherent right to self-determination under the UN Charter and international law. Nigeria was similarly called upon to table this at the UN and ICJ and pursue to a logical end.
    This not implemented, the SCNC/SCAPO leadership sued la Republique du Cameroun at the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR), Banjul, The Gambia, Communication 266/2003.
    The second act betrayal had to be handled by team to counter Southern Cameroons at a Pan African Tribunal. As revealed by a letter to the then Minister of Justice, Ahmadu Ali with whom the deal was sealed the team was led by Chief Isaac Oben and assisted by a certain Dr Tita and Mr Leke Theodore. While Chief Isaac Oben and Mr Leke Theodore were SCNC officials, the fake Dr Tita was a very hungry party leader ready for any crumbs to survive.
    Their mission was to withdraw the case filed by the SCNC/SCAPO against la Republique du Cameroun at the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) in Banjul, The Gambia. Promised a huge sum of money, they were to withdraw the case in the name of the Southern Cameroonian people on grounds that the Biya Regime was having dialogue with the people as called for by the Bamenda Proclamation of 1994. With Minister Dion Ngute leading the 8man la Republique legal team, the Chief Isaac Oben team which travelled in same flights and lodged in same hotels with the Ngute team was well fortified. This notwithstanding, the SCNC/SCAPO Delegation stood it’s grounds and the team of Judases was never at anytime admitted into the Court Sessions. When they didn’t succeed, the huge amount promised was not paid so Theodore Leke had to petition Minister Ahmadu Ali calling on him to honour the contract.
    Though the Banjul case dragged on from 2003 to 2009, at the end judgement was given in favour of the Southern Cameroons. This Ruling which was further approved by the AU Summit of Sirte, Libya in July 2009 called for “Constructive Dialogue under the Good Offices of the African Commission” within “180 days”.
    Here again the traitors and their mentor, la Republique du Cameroun, were hugely, hugely disgraced at the international domain.
    The third round treacherous efforts by Dr. Rev. Success Nkongho will not be anything different. His late 2019 efforts to betray the cause and claim of having inside knowledge thanks to his involvement during SCACUF meetings is nothing new. Chief Isaac Oben for instance, in borrowed robes posed both as a Traditional Ruler and Chairman of the SCNC. Yet even with Minister Dion Ngute and able legal team he and his team could not be listened to in spite of the number of sessions attended and efforts made. Traitors must be reminded of received wisdom which holds that no one wins a war against his own people. Under the SCNC banner, l long declared, which has been quoted several times, that the Restoration of the sovereign statehood of Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia) has been ordained in the high heavens by the Almighty Creator God who, in His infinite wisdom gave us this land on planet earth as our eternal heritage.
    While we take due cognizance of these traitors, it must be understood that la Republique du Cameroun is desperately involved in recruiting traitors from among us because she can’t stand and defend her claim of sovereign rights over Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia) in any international fora. As the Southern Cameroons team was one and indivisible in Banjul, defending the one Nation, one People, one Destiny, and came out victorious against la Republique du Cameroun, so must we today and tomorrow do. The sooner we overcome self interest and self aggrandizement, focus on the big picture and heal the wounds of divisionism and be pressed on flushing out the enemy, the road to Buea will be shortened.
    We must seek to understand why the spies Great Liberator Moses of the Bible, sent to explore the promised Land, took such less time but when they returned and there was division and rebellion, the journey took many years, going down south, then east to come back west!
    In this struggle it is self-evident that, the cancer of divisionism and self interest makes the perpetrators no less Dr Rev Nkongho Success for the consequences are same, delay liberation giving room to the slaughter of our people like diseased cows by la Republique du Cameroun terrorist gangs. God in the Holy Book assures us that once a people are united in their legitimate quest, nothing will stop them from achieving it.
    I salute the single-minded patriotism of the RF on GZ who are whole heartedly focused on the enemy and the enemy only. They are the biblical Gideons and true heroes and heroines of the New Dawn. By this while calling on all patriots to pay due attention on GZ, let us bury whatever differences exist and support the efforts on GZ and put the struggle on the fast track. Let us make 2020 our year of FREEDOM!
    Short live the struggle;
    Long live the people’s inherent right to self-determination and freedom.
    Long live the sovereign rights of all nations, large and small.
    Jan.8, 2020


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